Where nostalgia meets innovation


Where nostalgia meets innovation.


Version: 83
EXP Rate: 4x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x


Server Time : 18:03 pm (UTC -4)

May 23, 2024 (Thursday)



Here on Scania MS, we offer these rates: 4x exp, 2x meso, custom drop and 5x quest.

No HP Washing

There is no HP washing on this server. We offer Tenacity, Eternal Life, Chaos Ruby, and Flames of Chaos Scrolls for a chance to boost your character’s HP/MP

High Resolution

Tailor your Scania MS experience using any of the custom resolutions to suit your preference: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080.


Scania MS invites you to join us in a world where nostalgia meets innovation. We are based on v83 DreamMS source and client; we aim to provide fair and stable gameplay to everyone.


Our Widget Manager offers a variety of custom client QOLs tools for you to enjoy and play comfortably. Players have control over which settings to enable/disable such as metrics, font manager, expedition, loot manager, exp/meso/damager tracker, monster info, Chat+, quest light bulb, buff icon cooldown timer, opacity, and many more.

Fair Play Loot System

We believe in fair gameplay. Rewards from expeditions, including Inkwell coins, equips, and scrolls, are distributed evenly among individual party members.


Enjoy old-school nostalgia classes with a touch of innovation: Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, and Aran.

Monster Book

Collecting monster cards elevates your gameplay with bonus stats in your Crusader Codex.

Custom Skills

We offer a modern twist to your favorite old-school classes. Players can enable modern skill animations in the Widget Manager.

Party Play Bonus

We enhanced the gameplay experience on Holy Symbol based on the number of party members present. Solo players will enjoy 110% Holy Symbol Bonus, escalating to 130% with two members, 140% with three members, and highest 150% bonus exp with four or more members. We highly encourage party play and teamwork here on Scania MS.

Custom Content

By actively listening to our community, we gain valuable insights to tailor the gaming experience. This is a collaborative space where we integrate player requests and suggestions on importing modern GMS-content.

Weekly Challenges

Each week, players have the opportunity to select up to 7 challenges to earn enticing rewards such as nx, items, and exp.

Automated Events

Enjoy friendly community competition at automated events every 6 hours.


The Maker has been entirely revamped. We modified crafting stimulators and advanced crystals to potentially increase Reverse and Timeless equips stats to help you with gear progression. Timeless weapons are increased to 140.

Skill Changes

We are dedicated to making sure gameplay is fair, balanced, and enjoyable for every Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, and Aran. Each class has value and contributes collectively to the community. Skill Changes details can be found in the guide.


Scania MS offers the following expeditions which grants coins that can be used at Inkwell npc after each successful run. Cooldowns for all expeditions are reset at the start of every week.


All Scania MS contents are gender neutral. Equipment can be worn by both male and female characters.